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In Yenen Engineering quality is considered to be the most significant management tool for the development and growth of domestic and foreign markets.

The mission, vision, the definition of quality, quality targets and quality principles constitute the quality policy as a whole.


1. Quality Definitions

For us quality means offering solutions in the form of products and services, to meet the customers' needs in such a manner that will not only satisfy, but truly enchant them.


2. Quality Target

  • To ensure a continuous compliance with the quality definition for our market solutions in terms of stability and repeatability. This entails a constant excellent interaction with the market from every business perspective.

  • To ensure that our solutions comply at least with predetermined technical specifications and safety conditions required by national and international laws, standards, terms and conditions.

  • To provide a customer focused Quality Management System in conformity with ISO9001:2000, in order to realize our quality targets and to ensure its continuity.

  • To operate the Quality Management System efficiently, to review it regularly and to improve it continuously.


3. Quality Principles

  • During each business activity, we take the needs, expectations and interests of our customers as our primary criteria.

  • In our processes, we exercise the "Built-in Quality" approach rather than "Checked-in Quality" method.

  • Customer satisfaction depends on total organizational commitment. The interactions between activities is managed according to the "Process Approach" philosophy.

  • We recognize that we can offer state of the art solutions only by elevating the general quality of life. In order to reach that, we try to make human and environmental affection a company culture.









































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